Sides and Drinks

143 people (2021)

Sides: (please have a vegetable, fruit, or salad in addition to chips)

-Carrots and Ranch: 2 (3lb) bags of baby carrots, 2 16 oz bottles of ranch
-Pickles: 2 (64 oz.) jars of Dill Spears
-Grapes: 10-15 lbs (only get on sale)
-Watermelon: 3 medium, cut up in cubes
-Apples: 20 lbs cut up (only get on sale)
-Applesauce: 6 (48oz) jars unsweetened applesauce
-Peaches: 3 large cans (106 oz) from Sam’s Club
-Salad: 2 bags Sam’s salad mix or 2-3 large heads of romaine lettuce
Shredded carrots, Croutons, Tomato, Shredded cheese, Onion
3—16 oz. bottles Ranch dressing
-Chips: 6 (16oz) bags of chips from Sam’s


– 6-7 gallons of lemonade/iced tea/gatorade, 1.5 of the 5 gal jugs. (2/3 of a big container from Sam’s
-14- 2 liters of pop


Brownies and Ice cream- 2 gallons of ice cream, 3 jellyroll pans of brownies (6 boxes)
Ice cream/fruit bars- 6 boxes of 24; 11 or 12 boxes of 12