Updated March 2024


Krazy Karl’s Pizza- 225 E 29th St Ste 100, Loveland, CO 80538; (970) 966-6969

Jen will call on Thursday to order and pay for pizza. They have us priced out with the PARTY PACK DEAL which comes to $7.99/pizza. They usually cut their pizza into 10 slices, remind them to do 8 slices. Name of our school for tax exempt, they have the number on file. Suggested Ratio: You will have to base your actual order off the order form quantities (23 pizzas or 184 slices) 9 pepperoni, 8 sausage, 6 cheese


Pick up at 11:10 on Friday morning.

When you get the pizza to school place the pizzas in the warming oven at 200* and on top of the warming oven to stay hot. Count out the amount you need to serve high school and make sure you don’t use it for the younger kids.

Your choice of sides, drink, and dessert. Goes good with salad, chips, fruit.